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The tree and its leaves also contain a milky sap that can cause allergic.

Sep 18, But if you’ve noticed your fig leaves dropping a little early, it may be a sign of the fungal disease Fig Rust (Cerotelium fici). Figs are a great fruit tree for the north Florida home garden. Not only do they provide a tasty reward (if you can keep the birds and squirrels away), but they are fairly easy to maintain and are bothered by relatively few pests and bushcutter.buzzted Reading Time: 3 mins.

Why is my fig tree dropping leaves? The most common causes of fig tree leaf drop include: Both overwatering and underwatering can result in fig tree leaf drop. Instead of watering on a schedule, water your fig any time the soil, 1 inch (3 cm.) below the surface, is dry to the touch. The fig tree is susceptible to two pests -- the Pacific spider mite and the two-spotted spider mite-- that might also cause green leaves to drop from.

May 18, Since many pesticides kill all insects, beneficial or not, make sure not to use pesticides so that you do not inadvertently kill the pollinating insects for the fig tree. Disease Causes Dropping Figs.

The fig tree is native to Mediterranean regions where weather is characterized by dry and rainy seasons; when rain is scarce, the tree's natural reaction is to drop leaves, regrowing them when wet weather returns.

Fig tree diseases such as fig mosaic, leaf spot, and pink limb blight may cause dropping figs as well. Making sure that the tree receives proper watering, Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Sep 10, Dropping leaves on my poor fig!PM. I got a Brown Turkey fig for Easter (healthier than a chocolate egg) that is in a pot & has been doing really well.

Now the leaves are drooping bad Pic 3.

It grew rapidly with huge leaves & a new little fig tree appeared out of the bottom but over the last few days the lower (older) leaves have been turning yellow & 1 dropped off. Are you able to post any pictures,theres some people here that may be of very young tree planting and ptting in direct sun will cause a lot of stree to it, over water can make the leaves turn yellow as well and drop,or under water can curl them up and dry yellow brown and drop.

Was the fig tree purchased at a nursery.